Geoff <strong>Munday</strong>
"As a successful business leader, I need to have confidence, motivation and energy in order to be authentic and inspirational in leading my staff and presenting to clients at a corporate level. I have employed Fran over many years to assist my staff and myself to improve our business performance and would not hesitate in recommending her to any business leader seeking to improve retention, motivation and performance of employees."

Geoff Munday

Managing Director - HIMA Australia Pty. Ltd.
Beatrice <strong>Bloomfield</strong>
The gentle intuitive healing and teaching with Fran will ultimately guide you to connect with your true nature. Fran’s deep spiritual ability and understanding will provide the most needed support at that point in time and is always spot on finding the underlying issue. I have attended the Healing Sanctuary for meditations and psychic development Workshops for many years. It has helped me greatly to become calmer and has immensely decreased my anxiety levels. I feel safe, protected and happy within myself and worry much less since I have learned with the loving guidance of Fran how to create a protection around my energy field to keep negative influences at bay. Over the years, I have recommended many of my friends to go to The Healing Sanctuary to experience Fran’s beautiful healing and counselling at a time in need. These experiences are truly profound and life changing. Thank you so much Fran for all your loving support all these years. You have become one of the most important and dear friends in my life.

Beatrice Bloomfield

"The Healing Sanctuary is an amazing place. I've done 1 on 1 healing sessions with the very intuitive Fran over many years through many challenges and she just knows exactly what I am ready for and lovingly supports me to move through healing things so I can be happier and more free in my life. She knows exactly what I need and what's at the root of any problem. Even the hardest things like when i thought i would drown in grief she has always been there to support, care, and lovingly guide me back to a place of calm and balance. I have loved Fran's meditation and psychic development classes in the past and more recently with Nancy too, with both teachers there's just an amazing, supportive, gentle, nurturing environment to learn and get out of it what you need. It's ok to make mistakes as you learn and also a really safe space to share. You can do as much or as little as you like depending on the day and I found the method very effective and also very supportive for me as a healer to protect my own energy. One of the best decisions I ever made was to walk through those doors many years ago, as I continue to do when needed, and I would recommend the Healing Sanctuary to anyone. I'm no longer stuck. I've let go of quite serious depression, anxiety, grief, and old habits that no longer served me and am becoming the person I always dreamed of being but never thought possible, all because of the gentle guidance and support of the Healing Sanctuary on my journey. Everyone is so supportive, gentle, genuinely caring and incredibly talented, and it's such a beautiful space for healing in every way. I have referred many loved ones there as it's truly special."


Vanessa <strong>Briggs</strong>
"I have the absolutely pleasure of having Fran in my life for the last 20 years. She has helped me through many of life’s up and downs, in and outs, offering support, care, love, guidance and wisdom. With her support l have been able to not only better understand myself and grow through the adversities I have faced but also understand how to manage these challenges in life and develop the insight to manoeuvre through these challenges in a more positive and peaceful way. Fran has been “gold” in my life, there are no words to describe how invaluable she has been to my emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing and growth and this growth and love has extended out into my family, community and career. I have no hesitation in recommending Fran to anyone. I can’t speak highly enough of her, truly an amazing women."

Vanessa Briggs

Jessica <strong>Yazigi</strong>
"I was referred to Fran by another happy customer who guaranteed that Fran was the only one who could help me overcome myself. A year and a half have passed and Fran has helped me reach milestones that I never thought I could reach. Fran's approach is rational, loving and non-judgemental. She has been so patient and kind with me and has helped me with my family life and business life. She has taught me priceless skills and has helped me see things differently, at times I have not wanted my sessions with Fran to end. My young children are much happier now and our life has changed for the better. I highly recommend Fran's services and guarantee whatever the issue she is the only one to get you through to the other side with her unique approach. Thanks so much Fran, I will be forever grateful for your guidance and understanding. Thanks for helping me heal and to move forward positively into the future."

Jessica Yazigi

“I had no idea what to expect when I started my first class with Nancy at the Healing Sanctuary, and I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience. Nancy is the most kind hearted, caring and passionate teacher who nurtures your development every step of the way. After meeting Nancy I soon realised she offer so much more than just psychic development and I am so grateful to have such a inspirational teacher in my life.”


“I love going to Nancy’s classes every Thursday morning. She has a beautiful, kind and funny personality and is such a joy to be around. Nancy’s guided meditations are divine. She chats with us to see what we need for ourselves before our meditation sessions begin, so I feel it’s unique and personal for me. It’s also a great way to end the week! Just unwind and have a lovely relaxing meditation session with Nancy. Coming to these classes has been life changing for me. To come to these classes with Nancy and other like-minded people was such a breath of fresh air. I feel more confident in myself and I have learnt to trust myself a lot more on my spiritual journey. Nancy is such a lovely teacher and I am honoured that she can teach me and guide me on my spiritual journey.”


“I’ve been coming to Duncraig’s Healing Sanctuary for a few months now. Best decision I have ever made. Fran, the founder of The Sanctuary is beautiful! Nancy, our mentor on Thursday mornings is beautiful and very humorous and the girls that come to the group are beautiful too. I’m learning so much from this Psychic Meditation group in so many ways. It’s been life changing for me in so many ways, and that’s not an exaggeration! Thursday morning is the best day of the week for me! Just love it!”


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16 Castlefern Way, Duncraig, 6023


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