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Intuitive & Psychic Development classes    and workshops


Psychic, Healing and Spiritual Awakening Classes

held at Duncraig and at Carlisle Near Victoria Park

Classes are held at Duncraig each:

Wednesday morning from 9:30 am to 11:30am for the intermediate to advanced
 Thursday Morning from 9:30 am to 11:45am  with lovely Nancy Hart'
Cost $30 per session.
The above Classes are conducted within our peaceful Duncraig Healing Sanctuary..As you enter 16 Castlefern Way Duncraig follow pathway to our Sanctuary around the right of the home to the rear of te home...


Spiritual  and Healing Development classes are being conducted at our Healing Sanctuary branch south of the River at Carlisle near Victoria Park. Contact Lou Healy for further information on 0412 393 720

Reiki Healing is also offered with Lou

As mentioned above

These special classes entail learning to unfold your Spiritual and Psychic Natural Wisdom and Healing abilities. Each facilitator has their own unique spiritual touch to guide the individual along their relaxing peaceful path.

Learn to find calmness and peace within and connect with the Wise Enlightened Beings who are our inspiration and guidance when we open our hearts to them. Enquiries welcome  or come along to our lovely peaceful Healing Sanctuary situtated at the rear of 16 Castlefern Way , Duncraig. Pathway on right of home.

Cost per session is $30.00

Learn to access your own inner insight and intuitive abilities to give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Everyone has the finest compass within to help guide them on their own special spiritual pathway.

We utilise uniquely sensitive and simple techniques to assist students:


  • to unfold their spiritual and psychic wisdom within a
  • to introduce the student to his/her own pure loving Guides and or Beings of wisdom.
  • to help the student learn to protect his/her sensitivity.
  • to help the student develop ,mediumship
  • to help the student to tune into Chakras, Healing, Colour Healing and more.
  • to help the student experience deep meditation to assist in the communication
  • with his/her own Wise Guides and or Being of Wisdom.

 » For more information about our Meditation Classes or to book an appointment please contact the Healing Sanctuary today

Meditation Music PerthPsychic Awakening Double CD

$32.50 AUD

Psychic Awakening Double CD SPECIAL
Price includes postage within Australia. International postage is a further $4.50.


The Psychic Awakening double CD is an amazingly effective program to help unfold psychic and spiritual wisdom. It is designed to appeal to the beginner and the intermediate student of psychic and healing development. It is also designed to help as a teachers' guide.

With over 35 years experience as a practicing medium and psychic development teacher, Fran has included in her Psychic Awakening Double CD highly attuned skills & powerful meditative techniques. These special methods will help subtly and rapidly guide the beginner to unfold psychic and spiritual inner gifts and assist the experienced healer, teacher, clairvoyant-medium to release restrictions, expand and refine their pure gifts to express a RICHER WHOLENESS OF BEING.

Fran will help guide the student to spiritually care and protect his/herself and tenderly and spiritually care for others.
This is a unique opportunity to help awaken and unfold your natural wisdom within.

Fran Wills is principal of The Healing Sanctuary & College.

Track Listing
  • Track 01: Session 1 "The gentle Awakening" - Calming the Mind (35:18) - DISC 1
  • Track 02: Session 2 Unfolding your psychic ability (34:17) - DISC 2
  • Track 03: Session 3 Advancing your skills (34:02) - DISC 2
CD Sample
Please Note: The CD Sample is 3.31 Mb to download and contains a selection of sections from different parts of the CDs.

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Psychic Awakening Double CD $32.50 AUD
Relaxation Meditation CD $28.50 AUD
2 CD Pack - Both CDs $52.00 AUD

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