Healing and Spiritual Awakening Classes held at Duncraig

Individual Healing with Fran


Reiki with Lisa Ogden held at Innaloo. Lisa can be contacted on 0417 386 672
To learn more about Lisa please refer to our Section 'About Us'

Services Offered:

Reiki , Energy & Spiritual

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Metaphysical & Psychological

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Reiki, Pranic,Energy & Spiritual Healing

With our Loving Healers

Please do not hesitate to phone our Healing Sanctuary for an appointment with one of our loving Healers for a/ Reiki, Pranic Healing  Energy medicine Healing or a Spirit Healing.
Peace of Heart Mind and spirit, joy and happiness with Cutting of the Ties of old. Phone Mardi on 9446 8850 Duncraig 


Healing Reiki

 Lisa Ogden can be contacted on 0417 386 672 for Reiki Healing at Inaloo

 Lou Reiki healer at our healing Sanctuary branch  at  Carlisle     near Victoria Park  hone number 0412 393 720

 » For more information about our Reiki, Energy & Spiritual Healing or to book an appointment today please contact the Healing Sanctuary


Metaphysical & Psychological

Everyone has the ability to experience Good Health and enjoy Peace of Mind Spirit and Body

Fran has acute insight and ability to know what is necessary for the client’s growth and healing as well as always lovingly and deeply caring for the wellbeing of her clients and students.

As a Psychological and Intuitiuve Psychic Healing Therapist, Fran incorporates successful and uniquely sensitive and hypnotic healing in her practice and college.

Fran guides her clients to :
  • Achieve greater Inner Peace
  • Replace fears and negative persistent thought patterns with healthy and positive creative flow and optimism
  • Help heal the pain of the past –Inner Child Healing: Regression Healing of Deep seated conditions/ AND TO
  • Break free of limiting (confusing or painful) Past & Current Life patterns to allow for healthy loving growth
Metaphysical , Psychic and Psychological Counselling and Healing Courses are conducted regularly at our Healing Sanctuary College.

 » For more information about our Metaphysical & Psychological Services or to book an appointment today please contact the Healing Sanctuary