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Spiritual Teachers and Healers

Fran Wills coordinator of the Healing Sanctuary

Fran has acute insight and ability to know what is necessary for a client’s growth and healing as well as always lovingly and deeply caring for the well being of her clients and students.

As a child Fran was able to communicate with Spirit. At the age of 12 years old following the death of her beloved father, Fran often communicated with her father for quite a few years and he was close at hand guiding and inspiring her.
It was therefore natural for Fran to follow a lifelong mission to care for others and inspire them to listen to the wisdom from beyond this world and embrace Healing. 

For the past 40 years, Fran Wills  has delighted in caring for others, teaching meditation, psychic/metaphysical development and in working as a counsellor and intuitive and psychological healing therapist. She uses deep insight and regression techniques to source areas of deep seated emotional health conditions. Fran is spiritually guided and incorporates psychological and deep meditative techniques in her own healing practice.

Along with orthodox psychology, Fran has developed her own uniquely simple and sensitive Healing and teaching techniques over many years. Her objective is to assist patients to heal deep seated blockages, to teach beginners to commence their psychic journey and to help advanced students expand and refine their gifts.

Fran's History

In 1975 Fran and her then partner established a healing and Spiritual Awakening centre .  Fran helped expand the centre to include healing workshops, festivals and assisted many individuals with health issues and mediumship. She assisted many to develop their psychic and spiritual awareness over a span of 10 years and worked at Spiritualist churches as a medium and healer. S

In addition to the above and to help promote natural therapies, spiritual awareness and healing, Fran was responsible for the organization and facilitation of numerous seminars and workshops in Melbourne and along the East Coast of Australia from 1984 - 1990.

During this period, Fran produced the being Healthy Directory and Magazine, which prided itself in having over 1,000 entries of therapists, healers and medical practitioners on the eastern coast of Australia.

Today Fran continues her healing mission within the Healing Sanctuary and College offering healing and Spiritual guidance and insight for the enquirer with the assistance from other Qualified and Caring Professional Practitioners and Intuitively Gifted psychics and Healers.


Mardi Broadbent 

Mardi has been a registered nurse for the past 40 years and has taught meditation for the past 22 years. Mardi regards herself as a lifetime student and has been teaching meditation since 1989.

Reidi 1 and  Reiki 11  since 1997

Qualified EFT 1994: Tapping for Emotional Peace and Freedom,


Mardi inspires many with her loving healing care and inspirational wisdom. Mardi  regards herself as a lifetime student of spiritual studies and wisdom.


Lou Healy

Phone number 0412 393 720 

I have been a registered nurse for 25 years, spending the last 5 years at home caring for my son. I have been a spiritual seeker for about 15 years but before that time was a "skeptic".

Meditation practice has been a great comfort to me over the years and has lead me to intuitive development and my own personal spiritual understanding. I have been a student of The Healing Sanctuary for the last 7  years and a facilitator there for the last 2.

We have now opened a branch in the southern suburbs near Victoria Park at Carlisle. I am looking forward to introducing more "beginners" to the skills taught to me, that can open them up to the beauty and serenity of their own spiritual worlds.